Somizi Refuses to Get On His Knees And Beg

This follows after SANEF said action must be taken against him for insulting journalists

By  | Jan 20, 2021, 12:18 PM 

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What’s happening with our favorite celebrity couple now? Even after a successful cookbook, it seems that something has ruffled Somizi’s feathers. In an Instagram Live video that he uploaded, Somizi heartfully vents about the troubles he is experiencing at the hands of a journalist. The rant is almost 9 minutes long.

Somizi has his self-respect

Well a while ago, a certain journalist had written that Somizi’s husband Mohale had cheated on him with a married man. The news spread like wildfire and fans were angry. Many of them started attacking Mohale on social media and bullying him.

Just recently Somizi was pressed when Sunday World Kabelo Khumalo, approached him for comment following rumors that season two of his cooking show Dinner at Somizi, is being stalled following accusations of intellectual property theft and he fanned the flames.

Somizi Legend Manqele and Multichoice are accused of stealing Hasting Moengs concept who claims he is the brain behind the show's concept. Another Journalist from City Press Julia Madibogo, sent the media personality a message to get the latest developments on news that he is separating from Mohale.

The enraged and frustrated Somizi wasn’t having it. He went and posted that journalist’s phone number publicly! A tit-for-tat move that backfired. The journalists and SANEF were outraged by this act and have asked him to apologize.

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All this drama is what drove Somizi to Instagram to make his side of the story crystal clear. He says that he and Mohale are both used to being in the public eye. He has no problem with his personal life being aired. But when it is false, he feels he can’t be threatened into apologizing.

Somizi says publicizing the journalist's number he wanted him to feel how it is to have your privacy violated. He’s also furious that poor Mohale is getting so much undeserved hate now. Somizi ended the Live video saying that he doesn’t see why he should get on his knees and beg when it’s him and his loved ones who are suffering the most from this ordeal. He only apologized for sharing the number only.

Fans are supporting him.

The couple’s fans are empathetic towards the whole situation. A few comments are:

“Honestly speaking. You guys (public figures) need to form an organization that will help you fight these bullies.” 

“Please deal with them!!!! All your sponsors and everyone u in business with WILL NOT PULL OUT!!!!!!! And we are here for u!!!!!!”

“Thank u for this Somizi...thank u sooo much and u speak for a lot of people and to a lot of people...we appreciate u and May The Lord continue to bless u as u are a Role Model to many....#U are Somizi before and will be after...#Amandla...”

Mohale is keeping calm. He posted this pic on Insta lately, and he’s looking quite radiant.

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