Somizi Is Lusting After This Now

The object has many drooling over it

By  | Jan 25, 2021, 05:49 PM 

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Guess which new PYT has caught Somizi’s eye. No, it’s not a new celebrity in town or an upcoming model. The object of Somizi’s desire is definitely stylish though. With many fans drooling after it. You must be curious by now. Here you are, the new hot thing in Somizi’s life:

Yep, it’s this luxury Luis Vuitton bag. Somizi’s taken to social media to swoon over his new found paramour. He’s demanding help from his fans to unite him with his flame. He’s captioned the pic, “Now this bag has my name all over it.....swabisani usathane and just buy it for me....otherwise I'm gonna it myself and never ever speak to u all again....actually I'm gonna block all of u....hey hey don't u dare.”

Big Name, Heavy Price Tag

Fans were left as mesmerized as him by the branded battery-operated bag that changes color like a chameleon. But more than anything, they were left stunned by the price tag. The bag is R 300,000! His fans on IG couldn’t believe what Somizi was asking of them. They left their own responses on the post.

“Hope my R20 will do.”
“We'll gather over here to donate please don't block us.”
“Konje R20 X 3.8M Followers imalini sisthenge iskhwama.”
“You have 3million followers and counting we can all give you R1 I’m sure that should cover it.”
Fellow celeb Lerato Kgnaygo commented, “I have R60. Find someone ozongi tlatsa nge the rest.” Other celebrities to comment on the post include DJ Tira. 

We think it’s hilarious how people are dividing up the cost amongst Somizi’s IG followers! Looks like none of them want to get blocked. Honestly though. We think Somizi could probably afford it himself if he wanted it. He’s just fresh from buying a fridge worth R 940,000! Actually, maybe that’s why he’s hesitating.

What’s Mohale Up To?

In other news, Somizi’s hubby Mohale has been keeping up to his word. He’s been giving us fresh selfies constantly. We can see he’s getting creative and trying out different poses and styles.
What’s that in his hand, here? Surely it isn’t that same LV bag his hubby was coveting?
Ever the kind hearted person, Mohale never misses the opportunity to promote social causes. In this post he’s promoting a back-to-school initiative. 

Here, he’s posted, “We know it’s almost time to go back to school and in these trying times, Regenesys Business School has made it a lot easier by launching a R1 Billion fund that will help fund students who register for online Bachelor, MBA, Diploma and certificate programs.”

While hubby Somizi is busy checking out bags, at least someone is looking into important social causes! We’re just joking, both of them are great. We’re glad they’re looking happier after all the recent backlash they were getting after a tiff with a journalist. Hope to see more from them soon.

Image Cred: Twitter
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