Somizi's "Sompire" On The Cards

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By  | Feb 05, 2021, 11:45 AM 

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When Somgaga hinted that he might be opening a restaurant, he was not joking, the homie has his eyes set on the prize. In a cryptic post recently we learned that he is determined to expand his horizons in the culinary world and in other industries.

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This follows after he captioned a post, “Next level, from a TV show, to cookbook, to jet, to yachts, to restaurants. Your dreams should scare you. Ain't no stopping me now, I’m a child of God. The son of my ancestors. If it doesn’t kill you, it should make you richer."

Now, what's next for Somgaga?

As he has been showcasing his culinary skills on social media by sharing posts of his gastronomic delights, Somizi has taken his cooking passion to a new level by releasing his own cookbook, Dinner at Somizi’s – I Am Not A Chef. The cookbook recently broke a record by becoming the highest-selling book in the food and drink category 29 November 2020 – 02 January 2021 in SA.

“When putting this cookbook together I really wanted to create something truly authentic and special for my fans. I wanted to show South Africans how easy it is to add “pizzazz” to everyday meals,” said Somizi.

As if this was not enough, Somgaga wants to add "Restaurant Owner" to his impressive resume. The Idols SA judge has taken to social media to share a logo of his new business "Sompire" and he made sure to tell his fans to remember the name.

"Remember this name.....on yo marks get set ready steady fire GO," he captioned the post. Fans seem to think that his eatery is already in the pipeline and it might be launching soon, follow your dreams Somizi.

Somizi has always mentioned that he wants to have multiple streams of income due to the unpredictability of the entertainment industry and how fickle it is. It is no secret that the industry is known to be quite unstable and unpredictable. Jobs are usually few and far between, whereby creative practitioners are often compelled to diversify their talents and keep the gates of income streams open!

Opening the gates of his income streams means more businesses for Somizi. The multi-talented entertainer has achieved what most can only dream of in their lifetime and his career is soaring. He is a presenter, actor, entrepreneur, and a radio host, what can he not do?

That's Somgaga for you, everything he touches turns and we can not wait for his new business venture launch because we will be definitely queuing to eat at his own eatery.

Image Cred: SA People

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