[Watch] SK Khoza's Fiancée Starstruck As She Meets Connie Ferguson

She is a genuine introvert

By  | Feb 17, 2021, 05:02 PM 

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The Queen actor SK Khoza is head over heels in love with his fiancee Mandy Hlongwane who is a dental practitioner, and he does not shy away from flaunting their love on social media.

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The actor recently shared a special Valentine's present for his fiancee and it was a heartwarming experience, one for the books in fact! In an adorable video shared by SK on his Instagram page, Mandy is seen meeting Connie Ferguson at The Queen's set and their exchange was surreal due to her humble demeanor.

The video melted social media users' hearts because was starstruck and very shy whilst meeting Connie. The media mogul could be heard asking her how she talks to her patients and she replies by saying she does not have a mask on. Connie was also overflowing with joy whilst meeting her as she could be seen smiling and engaging with her ncoah, this moment had us almost reaching for the tissues.

We appreciate the fact that Mandy is adhering to the COVID-19 regulations by practicing a safe social distancing.

SK and Ayanda recently got engaged. SK gave his fans a sneak peek of the proposal after he posted a 37-minute-long video on his Instagram that began with him talking about his work and thanking his fans for voting for him to be the best male actor at the KZN Entertainment Awards. A little while later he was joined by Mandy who was preoccupied with her cell phone until SK got down on his knees. Mandy’s emotions escalated from zero to a hundred very quickly. Even though the actor didn’t vocalize his proposal for us to hear, we

He captioned his post “KHOZA AND HLONGWANE ARE NOW SOON TO BE ONE” Khoza wrote. A teary Mandy couldn’t contain her emotions and needed a moment off camera to take a breather from the emotions that took over her when SK asked her to be his wife.

SK was previously in a relationship with ex-girlfriend Pabee Moganedi. The actor publicly declared his love for ex-lover Pabee. "The way you look at me, makes me feel like I'm the only person in the world. With you, I can be myself. I love that we are also friends at the same time. When we're together, all my problems disappear. You make my heart smile. You know me better than I know myself... You’re always there for me, no matter what." he wrote at the time.

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