SK Khoza Is Heartbroken

He breaks his silence

By  | Jul 19, 2021, 09:27 AM 

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In the recent riots in Durban and Johannesburg, SK Khoza was left devastated when looters vandalized her fiancee's surgery Mandy Hlongwane

The looting and acts of violence were triggered by the incarceration of the country's former president Jacob Zuma and they flared up in both provinces. Zuma was found guilty of contempt of court for failing to appear before the Zondo commission this year.

He was then sentenced to 15 months in prison however his supporters are against his arrest. They called for his release and what started as a peaceful  protest turned into deadly riots.

The riots have been described as pure anarchy and lawlessness as they were a major blow to businesses that were targeted. In a post on his Instagram page, SK shared pictures of the vandalized practice and slammed looters. He said it breaks his heart to see what looters have done to Amnf Dental and Mandy because they worked hard to start their business.

"I know how much you have worked for these two @amnf_dental_surgeries surgeries and @ayearndar it honestly breaks my heart to see what people did to them. Remain strong, because I know that Allah will bless you with many many more. It hurts way more when you see this Looting hit something that is important and very dear to you. This too shall pass, but for now we can only pray for you. Stay strong MaHlongwane,"
Khoza's fiancee recently blasted Ramaphosa after looters left her practice in shambles. They destroyed equipment and burned it to ashes. A heartbroken and angry Mandy wrote:

“I stayed home. Obeyed all the rules. Didn’t loot anywhere. In return m SURGERIES GOT LOOTED. Cyril Ramaphosa You said we must stay at home and you will handle this. So This is what you meant by handling things. Ngoba ufundile uzothi I’m COLLATERAL damage plus 500 Billion on top.”

Mandy was not the only one affected by the looting Penny Lebyane and her family also had their businesses looted. "My heart was so heavy all of yesterday. I wept almost the whole day. My levels of anxiety have been so high because of the helplessness I have felt for months. The loss, the grief is too much to bear," he wrote.

The past week was very emotional for South Africans as the looting brought about job losses, businesses being vandalized, and people losing their lives. Celebrities and ordinary people took to social media to call for calm.

Actress Connie Ferguson took to her Instagram account to call for calm. "Father please intervene! Families are going through the most with this latest wave of Covid! Depleted of all energy to deal with other types of trauma. Have mercy on us Father. Let sanity prevail! This unrest is going to add fuel to the raging fire we are already struggling to control! We can’t afford a further rise in Covid cases. What is happening is national suicide! We look to YOU for your Grace, and beg for your mercy! Help us Father! HELP US! Please intervene!🙏🏾 In the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we TRUST that it is done, and say AMEN🙏🏾 AMEN," she wrote.

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