Shona Ferguson Gets A Seat At The Netflix Table

Shona Ferguson is sealing and signing big deals

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Shona Ferguson 

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Shona Ferguson is not playing around this year and is bringing in the racks by allegedly signing deals with the big dogs of the international streaming service, Netflix.

Shona posted on his Instagram a picture of him alongside some creatives around a dinner table which he captioned, "@netflix round table."
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Wait, so does this mean that Sir Ferguson is working on creating something for Netflix? With all those hashtags in the post, it definitely alludes to it right?

We'd love to see a Netflix production support a Ferguson production. We all know that Netflix is loving African content at the moment and Shona would be smart to hop onto the bandwagon and secure the bag while he still has a seat at the table.

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