Oops! Connie's Most Embarrassing Moments

She's human after all!

By  | Apr 02, 2021, 04:25 PM 

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 Connie Ferguson is one of South Africa's most love TV stars. The actress dabbles as a producer, entrepreneur, and mother of two, and whatever she does always make it to the news.

Although she has achieved what many can only think of in a lifetime, she has had some embarrassing moments too.

1. Glamour Magazine cover hate.

The actress graced the cover of Glamour magazine last year and she broke the internet. Social media users dragged her and said she looked horrible in her jumpsuit and bob wig.

2. Connie the copycat?

Connie's company Koni International Brands, landed itself in hot water in 2017 after it was accused of stealing beauty care giant Niveas's packaging on their collection of men's body care product Connie. Their products were deemed similar to that of the cosmetic giant, from the packaging and it was said that they would deceive consumers. Recently she lost her appeal at the Supreme Court of Appeal against the cosmetics giant, Beiersdorf Group. The court said there are similarities in their products.

3. Blopper on The Queen.

The co-founder of Ferguson Films, Shona recently shared the Queen bloopers reel on social media. It showed his actress-wife, Connie slipping up a few scenes on the Mzansi Magic show. In the first clip, Themba Ndaba and Vusi Thanda are reciting their lines. The exchange between the two incite giggles from Connie! The two actors were unfazed and continued to act out the scene. Connie says it was the gestures in the scene that got to her.
4. Shona Embarasses Connie

We've always thought Shona and Connie were couple goals, from their gushing posts about each other to their rock-solid marriage, we thought the two were in sync on everything. Until Shona took to Insta to mock his wife's taste in her late-night snacks

Celebrating 20 years of marital bliss

The Ferguson’s are also celebrating two decades of marital bliss. To commemorate their bond, Connie got a cake to celebrate. Together, the two have created an inspiring story of love and grace. Connie says she doesn’t need a special day to celebrate Shona. She just wanted to show him love. Shona reacted with a heart emoji to the gesture.

The duo has been going strong all these years, even creating an empire together. They have two daughters as well. Their relationship is inspiring to many and gives most of us #CoupleGoals.

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