Shona Brings Everyone To Tears

We feel his pain

By  | Apr 28, 2021, 10:08 AM 

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Television actor and media mogul Shona Ferguson, has taken to his social media account to remember his late father Peter Hary Ferguson, who passed on in 2019.

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It has been two years since Shona lost his father and the memories they created still don't fade away and he still remembers him every day. In a heartfelt post on Instagram, Shona posted a heartwarming picture of his beautiful parents coming out of a house, his mother was following his father and they looked happier. Shona praised his mother for always having his father's back through thick and thin.

The picture melted the hearts of his followers as his parents looked cute together like a match made in heaven. Shona said every day he remembers his late father's pearls of wisdom. Ntate Peter who was a pastor, was a well-articulated man and he always shared some words of encouragement with everyone and it is beautiful to see how Shona learned a thing or two from him as he constantly brightens up our days with his motivational posts on his social media accounts.

Shona said he has always wanted to be fearless like him and said he is slowly getting there. "Not a day goes by that I don’t remember your words of wisdom. I feel your presence in the work I do & I’ve always said I want to be as fearless as you were. I’m getting there timer. I’m going for it with all my heart, putting GOD first. I know you are rooting for your children in heaven 🙏🏽You raised a KING fa. I’m going to make you proud. Miss you always," He shared.

In 2020, the actor penned a heartfelt birthday message to his dad after he shared a picture of them together and showed love to him on social media, "Happy birthday in heaven dad. I love you deeply and miss you always. Rest King."

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His wife Connie Ferguson, described his late father as a legend who left behind a string of unforgettable fond memories, "Happy birthday to Fa in heaven! He’s left us with such great fond memories! There’s never a dull moment when we talk about him!😂 LEGEND," she wrote.

He described how the passing of his father has been taking a huge toll on his life. Shona and his father were very close to him and, he often remembers all the fond memories that they shared together.

In his post, he said "On this day last year GOD called on you. It feels like yesterday. My heart still sore because I will always need you. Life is not the same without you KING. I miss you, papa. Ikhutse Kgabo. I LOVE YOU."

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