Sbizo Is Unhappy About Foreign Imports

"We really need an indigenization law"

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Seabelo "Sbizo" Modibe 

Local entertainment consultant and emerging farmer, Seabelo ‘Sbizo’ Modibe has (in a facebook post) expressed his disappointment and concern about the lack of local business support in Botswana, attributing it to the high level of unemployment in the country.

Modibe’s post opened thought-provoking discussions under the comments section, where Facebook user Louis Benedice Sibanda said that he understands what the lady at the Pick ‘n Pay Bakery was saying because he, too, does not buy a lot of local products, including music.
In response, Modibe explained to Sibanda that the reason he does not buy local music is because Botswana does not have music outlets that sell local music. Modibe added that this is another way that Batswana have allowed themselves to be colonized.  

Another user, Peeletso Lowang replied with a picture of tiny potatoes which she captioned: “Buy Botswana and u find this egg sized potatoes” in a bid to counter Sbizo’s argument, to which Tshiamo Tapiwa Molapisi replied: 
"every brand no matter where in the world its from will at some point have flaws. Let's promote the good ones they are there. Remember even VW, Audi and many other organizations have erred. Worst off, people's lives were at risk. In business things do go wrong, we are infants as a country in entrepreneurship, promote us as much as you have been with others for generations. We have built world brands, it's time to build ours!"

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Main Image Credit: The Voice BW