#TSWAlebsStyle: Sasa Klaas' Slay

#TSWAlebsStyle: Sasa Klaas' Slay

Oct 10, 2018, 12:16 PM

Sasa Klaas is hands down one of Botswana's most successful entertainment entrepreneurs. The media personality has been in the Industry for several years and her star's steadily risen since the inception of her career.
Sasa alongside Blaklez

Despite having never released a full body of work as a rapper, she's considered one of Botswana's best artists and with every release she keeps stepping up to the plate and knocking the ball out of the park.
Sasa and Mmina Gaebonwe. 100 bucks says they're planning how next to dev us.

So far she's seamlessly made the transition from music to TV and back and managed to make the leap onto the South African scene, landing a gig alongside entertainment veteran Phat Joe to co-host Highly Inappropriate on Moja Love.

Sasa and Pearl Thusi

Her job means that we see her basically everywhere, all the time, and it's never a dull moment. Sasa's fashion sense is simply phenomenal - Whether she's all dolled up and ready to hit the town or simply hanging out with her squad, she's always a wonder to behold.

Looking back at the competition

Let's take a look at some of her best, and most memorable fashion moments.

How, even?!

A Lady. Cred: Owen Bands

Serving rich young step mother looks.

Looking like Persephone, the Greek Goddess of Spring herself.

How she leaves us, every time.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/SasaKlaas
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