"I was unlocked, I never looked back" - Sasa

Sasa Klaas remembers HHP

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Sasa Klaas 

There are some people who one might never know touched lives as profoundly as they did.   HHP's passing is reminiscent of that of Mac Miller's just a month ago - both passed alone, in their homes, and are currently being mourned from every corner of the world by people who they've touched.

Yesterday as the news broke, Sasa Klaas got on Twitter to share her feelings and also just how much HHP meant to her and her overall being.

Ultimately everything is about energy. Some people, like Mac Miller and HHP had so much love, and genuine light, that it seeped into everyone who came across them. It's a gross irony that that same light couldn't reach into their dark places, and it's a pain we'll be living with. The stark comparison between what they felt and what they made other people feel.

It's a very difficult day.

Sasa went on to share how HHP was the force behind her getting booked for her first international show in SA.

It's been only up since then for Sasa and it;s beautiful to know that in a world like ours, with male gate keepers like ours, HHP not only believed in, but invested in her and helped her rise to the ranks she's at now. 

Main Image: Instagram/sasaklaas