Sasa Klaas Biography

Sasa Klaas Biography

May 10, 2019, 05:33 PM

Sasa Klaas is one of Botswana's most loved rising stars. The media personality has been at the forefront for several years and over time, she has successfully dabbled in various mediums including music, television and dancing.

Although the star has been in the entertainment industry for a while, there is still a lot of information the general public does not know about her so we have decided to an all-inclusive bio on the life and times of this icon.

Sasa's real name

Sasa Klaas is her stage name, the starlet was born Sarona Motlagodi.


Sasa became popular when she collaborated with Scar on A Ke Mo Khande.
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Sasa attended Limkokwing University where she was studied Digital and Film Production.

Career Highs

Sasa is one of the few artists who got nominated multiple times in the first 2014 Yarona FM Music awards.

In 2017, Sasa bagged a presenting gig on Highly Inappropriate with Phat Joe on Moja Love.

Dating Life

A couple of months ago, there were rumours that Sasa dating Olympian, Nigel Amos.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/sasaklaas
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Katlego Molubi

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