William Last KRM's Wife Finally Reveals Herself

She is beautiful

By  | Feb 23, 2023, 08:39 AM  | William Last KRM  | Relationships

William Last KRM and wife
Funnyman William Last KRM whose real name is William Molebatsi is one of the most renowned comedians in Botswana whose facial expressions alone are enough to make a room full of people roll on the floor with laughter.

William Last KRM who only launched his career in comedy a few years ago after a comical video he posted online got positive reviews, has been on a fast rise. 

William Last who also launched his career in music recently has captured the attention of fans worldwide who want to know all the details about this young Motswana comedian.

Apart from being at the top of the game as far as comedy and music are concerned, William Last KRM is also at top of the game as a father and as a proud daddy, he often shares daddy-daughter moments on social media and we can’t get enough of them.

Today we discuss who William Last KRM’s wife is and marriage details, his baby mama, and his beautiful daughter.

Who is William Last KRM’s wife?

William Last KRM's wife, source: Facebook

If you had your eyes on this talented funnyman turned musician then you will not be pleased to learn that he is off the market.

Although it is not clear whether there was an official wedding ceremony to mark his marriage, it is clear that indeed William Last KRM has a better half and we can confirm that she is truly beautiful. She is a curvaceous light-skinned woman with one of the brightest smiles.

Despite revealing her face to the world, William Last KRM’s wife has managed to keep every other detail about herself private. All we know about her is that her name is Cecilia Nonkazimlo Nonkonyana and she was raised in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.

In November 2021, William Last KRM’s wife shared a post on Facebook explaining why she had gone under the radar saying:

“I didn’t switch up because I have a famous boyfriend and a famous baby…I switched up because some of y’all are toxic for my mental and emotional health hence the silence I give y’all.”
William Last KRM's wife screenshot, source: Facebook

This might explain why she is not very active on social media and why her Instagram account @cecilis_nonkonyana is private.

It is not clear where and when William Last KRM and his wife met or how long they’ve been together but we think they make a beautiful couple.

William Last KRM's daughter

William Last KRM's family, source: Facebook

On 26th November 2019, William Last KRM’s wife gave birth to the couple’s first and only child for now and they named the little girl Amara Willian.

Little Amara who turned two years old in 2021 has the best features of both her mother and father and she also has all the love and attention from the two who often gush over her on social media.

Besides being the daughter of a famous person, William Last KRM’s daughter is also following in her father’s footsteps and she is already a social media celebrity. The little adorable girl has an Instagram account with 22.8 followers and 843,209 followers on her Facebook account.

We think that William Last KRM’s wife and daughter together with the comedian make one beautiful family and we would absolutely watch a reality show about them, what do you think?

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