Who Is your Fashionable Couple!

One of these couples might just bag it home

By  | Aug 09, 2022, 06:15 PM  | Relationships

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The Annual Glitz Awards of BW Celebs is just nearing, and many people are anticipating the inaugural event which will be held at GICC at 20 August. This time around we set a spotlight on Botswana’s favourite couples. They are followed by many and redefined love in a whole complete way. This is why we love them. 

While some have built beautiful homes, some have made love look so beautiful and very admirable in the most amazing ways and they have been nominated as Fashionable Couple. We are just waiting to see the lovebirds who might just bag the whole love award home. Here is a list of our celebrity couple.

Phempherethe & Figo Pheto
They have been serving couple goals for quite some time now and have made marriage so blissful and they have been one of the most beautiful couple in the country. The duo have been married for quite some time now and they have a beautiful home and beautiful kids together. Figo who is a Doctor by profession is married to her long term sweetheart, Phempherethe Bafana Pheto.  They may just bag it home and we wish them all the best.
Throw anything to this power couple and watch them handling it like Pros. These lovebirds slay together and play hard together as well as work hard together. They serve couple goals all day long we love the fact that love is always in the air for them and motivate a lot of people on what it means to be in love. Their marriage is a beauty to behold.
These duo are a power couple. One of the celebrity couples who have dated for quite some time before they walked down the aisle. They literally grew in their careers together and have continued their love affair after years and today are of the many power couples in the country. We just love them and their beautiful family. While they may attract controversy now and then, they are just amazing!
We know Joel Keitumele because he is a man of many talents. He is married to Amo Keitumele and they are now Pastors together and are doing an amazing job in their ministry. Keitumele has been many things in the past but we just never thought that he will be a Pastor one day. He wears a hat of a comedian, an artist, a television presenter and now a Pastor. This duo has also been nominated and they may just bag the bag.
They have been smashing couple goals. This is the man that have brought immeasurable joy in Berry’s life and have just completed her life in the most beautiful ways. The duo have been an inspirational couple, with baby Amari on the picture of course. What a complete family. We wish them the best as they will be fighting to bag this award home.
BJB and Lala

Well with this duo, we do not know if they still stand to win the nomination since they have made a public split. There is no even any hope of reconciliation for this two. Though they were a beautiful couple, they have chosen to split.

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