This Is What This YouTuber Thinks Of Khanyi Mbau's Relationship

Couple goals for who?

By  | Aug 20, 2021, 11:38 AM  | Relationships

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Botswana's digital content creator and YouTuber Thembi Legwaila came for the women that always say men are the problem in relationships when in fact they are they are the ones bringing the many problems in relationships.

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In her latest upload of Thembi's Take on YouTube, Thembi dragged women for filth and sis did not even care because she may also be trying to help women find the men they want by first identifying the many problems that hinder them.

Thembi said, "I feel like a lot of you are gonna attack me for this but listen we have gotta be honest with ourselves sometimes, men are not always the problem, sometimes the problem is us. Sometimes the problem is us ladies. 

"Sometimes you have to take a step back, you have to look at yourself in the mirror, you have to sometimes investigate why things in your life happen a certain way. When you do sometimes you come to the realisation that it could be you. You could be the reason why you are still single"

"Sometimes its not the fact that there's no men. They are men. sometimes its that we are looking for the wrong kind of man. We are setting standards for ourselves that are based on other people's standard's, that are based on societal standards based on who you think you should be with because of what will good interms of the type of person that you are and so many other things that you end up actually missing out on people that could possible be the greatest relationship of your life"

Thembi said that the more older women become, the more they go over and beyond with their standards and as such they set unrealistic standards.

"The older you get, you know what you like, you know what you don't like. You have been through enough BS to know what you will not stand for and I think that is great but I think a lot of times we get carried away. Yes it's important to know what you will stand for and what you will not stand for. The fundamental things like respect, having the same values, morals, those type of things are definitely important.

But when you have these standards of he needs to earn this much money and nothing less, he needs to have this type of phone, he needs to be salt and pepper, he needs to be's good to know what you want and its good to set standards  but you also need to be able to shift and groove a little bit"

Thembi said that the person you need may not always come in the package that you want them to come in. She said most guys that have everything figured out and have all these things women want may not be so great in relationships because they don't need to out in that much effort, "they usually don't care about you or your feelings"

The second reason Thembi mentioned was social media. She feels social media has completely ruined everything in life.

"Whether you like it or not, we are always bombarded by images of people who are doing the most. People who are on vacation. It's always couple don't even know the half of what is going on behind those images, you don't even know if those people are genuinely happy...comparison is a thief of joy and a lot of times you stall you progress because you are looking to recreate something that you don't even know how it was created in the same place"

Thembi inserted Khanyi Mbau's snap with her bae in Dubai to make her point of how far people can go to recreate what they see on social media when a number of things could be going on behind those images. Sis is clearly not a fan of social media and the standards that come with it.

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