Is Somizi Missing Ex-husband Mohale Motaung

Somizi on a vacation alone

By  | Apr 04, 2022, 07:55 AM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Relationships

Is it really over
It is never a dull moment around Somizi.  Mohale probably misses their time together, he is such a vibe. From the vocal and playful videos to funny captions and picture poses. It is all fun and games in what he called synchronized swimming pools during his vacation in Swaziland. Who would not enjoy life in such large and merry looking pools?

His fun-loving nature seems to be contagious, in a beautiful photo rocking short, Ndomaleho and Somizi are spotted enjoying cocktails. “My choo reminding me once again to take every chance I get in life.” Wrote Ndomaleho. The duo has been known to be friends for over 15years.

On Ndo’s birthday Somizi described him as the most “stupid, vulnerable, generous, irritating, careless person,” he had met. He showered him with praises and confirmed that he loved him. Somizi described him as the best travel buddy and said that he could not trade him for anyone else.

Somizi has been boasting of how Ndomaleho will thank him after their vacation in Sun city, he even advised people to vacay at least once in every month saying ‘one holiday a month keeps the doctor away’ how are we going to afford a holiday every month? This is not applicable to everyone, we have to work, don’t we? 

Somizi who has been staying in a king suite, confirmed he was ‘alone’ no lover and purposed to utilize the full space by himself. He should have tagged some of us with him, I know someone who would kill to be on such a vacay, that person is me.

The actor did not spare the bathtubs as he filled them with foam and shot suggesting photos as he advocated for self-love.  There are speculations that he is trying to act all moved on after his failed relationship with Mohale. The two were alleged husbands and broke off sometimes back.

While Somizi was eating life with a big spoon in Sun city Mohale was busy doing the same in South Africa. The two seem to be in a competition of who is enjoying without who.  It is not clear about who is still feeling lost as they both continue showcasing radiant smiles and enjoying alone things they used to enjoy together. Somizi who is with Ndo is feared to not want to vacay alone and therefore tagged along Ndomaleho. 

They say if someone post a lot about love then they are bleeding, Somizi lately has been teaching people how to love themselves, is this a sign that he misses love. Is he trying to send a message to Mohale who looked unbothered? Mohale has been keeping low profile over the matter while sometimes back Somizi was allegedly seen smooching someone.

Some fans look pleased by their having fun and enjoying time alone even though the question of whether it was really over for the celebrity gay couple  remain unanswered.








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