Shona Dragged For The Roles He Gives Connie

He is accused of giving her mediocre roles

By  | May 03, 2021, 07:24 PM  | Shona Ferguson  | Relationships

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Shona Ferguson has been put on blast for the types of roles he gives his actress wife Connie Ferguson. Together, under the Ferguson Films company, create stories in the country which always has a star studded cast.

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They also act on numerous stories with Shona playing a certain position of power or as a wealthy figure with a beautiful wife. On the other hand, Connie Ferguson plays "mediocre" roles and her most recent one being an evil mermaid on Kings of Joburg.

One thing about Twitter streets is that they observe even the littlest of details and they have concluded that boss man wants Connie all to himself. One thing they have observed also is that Shona Ferguson has an eye for alluring women only, in his productions. 

Playing his wife on the Kings of Joburg is the voluptuous Buhle Samuels. Finally coming to the realisation of Shona's casting choices, a social media user wrote, "Shona Ferguson always makes sure that he gets the finest women to play his wife."

Agreeing with him were a number of users as well who pointed out that ever since Connie left Generations, she has not kissed a single man onscreen. Another wrote, "And he makes sure that he’s actual wife is always a widow or not married."
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