Shona And The Queen Connie Ferguson Flirt In Dubai

New Year Warmth with Shona and Connie

By  | Jan 04, 2021, 11:43 AM  | Shona Ferguson  | Relationships

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Connie Ferguson and Shona Ferguson  shared a piece of sun and warm vibes from Dubai on Instagram. Their cheeky pic in a beautiful setting, and the flirty banter seems to have made their friends and fans super happy!

The pic has Shona looking at wife Connie Ferguson like he’s totally checking her out. Connie is seen sitting regally and ignoring him. This is what made it a funny picture. Adding the cheek to it were Shona’s cheesy pick-up lines, “Let me talk to you for a minute girl! You got a man?”, like he’s hitting on her. 
The queen, Connie Ferguson’s “🤣🤣🤣 Yea and he fine as hell!😉😍❤️” just capped it! And did their fans love it?! Yes they did!.

They’ve been living it up in Dubai 

The couple have been enjoying their time in Dubai and sharing glimpses of it with their fans on Instagram. 

The popular actress and businesswoman, Connie Ferguson, who is also a fitness enthusiast, has been treating us with swimsuit-clad pics on Insta. She’s been serving us #BodyGoals while enjoying Dubai and its locales.

They have their daughters Lesedi Matsunyane and Alicia with them. Shona Ferguson and Queen Connie also penned beautiful notes on Instagram celebrating Lesedi’s 28th birthday last week.

Living it up in Dubai with the Fergusons is popular reality star Mam Mkhize, who wanted to ring in 2021 like the free spirit she is. She wasn’t going to be staying back home and breaking any laws to get her bit of new year fun, she says. She did not want to flout the level 3 lockdown in the country, but wanted to bid a sound goodbye to 2020, which she felt was the “horrible 2022”.
The free spirit Mkhize posted this on social media: 

“Today is the last day of the horrible 2020, I had to leave my country as we were supposed to sleep at 9 o’clock and didn’t want to get in trouble with black Twitter and our SA LAWS, cause I am a serious case of ADD at least to have one thing positive I will talk about that happened in 2020 fireworks display I promise to share if I find it, I love you all and stay safe myworldmyrules#kwamamkhize. MOST IMPORTANTLY I WOULD LIKE TO THANK GOD FOR SAVING MYSELF AND MY FAMILY THROUGHOUT THE YEAR DURING THIS TRYING TIMES.” 

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