Reasons Why The Fergusons Are The Best

Now we see where she gets it from.

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 While  the Fergusons are practically tv royalty, in their social media account the famous family lets us into  their family antics. Proving that they are a relatable family. The famed producer and actor couple have one daughter together, 18 year old Alicia Angel Ferguson,  While Connie has another  daughter  Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson from her previous marriage to Generations co-star Neo Matsunyane. The family of four gels really well and shares some of their funniest and heartfelt antics on their personal Instagram accounts. While older sister Lesedi has her own home and life, youngest Ferguson daughter is still at home, spending quality time with her parents at  home.

Connie and Shona  pride themselves in being good parents to their two children, and their efforts have not gone  unnoticed famous author and socialite Basetsana Khumalo took time to commend  connie on her  parenting  skills commenting "Ohhhh how beautiful she looks, well done Mommy dearest @connie_ferguson for raising such a fine young lady, a 21st Century woman who is ready to take on the world. Baby girl @ali.ferguson_ the world is your oyster, go out there and grab your dreams!!!😍😍😍

 While  the Fergusons are best known for dominating the film industry, Alicia took a different, but still sticking under the umbrella of entertainment and the arts, Alicia has taken up drumming and is actually quite good at it!  Her actor dad took to Instagram to show his daughter teaching him a thing or two about drumming.  This  particular video was shot in conjunction with an advertisement for dove.The campaign, titled, #DadsCareChallenge, calls for dads to showcase the various ways they bond with their kids. Shona stated, “I love connecting with my kids and @dovemencare challenged me to show you what we get up to - and I don't think I did too badly for my first time, what do you think? Thanks @dovemencare for the #DadsCare Challenge and allowing us to make such wonderful memories.” The king of Joburg stars loves to post intimate moments of him and his daughter.
It  just seems like Ali has got a  thing or two to teach her parents. Connie posted a video of her teaching her mom and dad some new dance moves,  most of the comments praised connie and shona for raising such a cool daughter, people went on to admire how close the trio is
Being the child of two public figures Ali is not afraid to speak her mind, her dad Shona Ferguson was caught off guard when the 18 year old accused him of farting. The Pair were driving when suddenly Ali took the liberty  to ask her dad; if he farted, Shona  initially recorded the video in the  hopes of making an announcement.
Ali  Ferguson is still young and has the whole world in front of her and we can't wait to see where the world will take her and her great sense of humour.

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