Pushie is open to getting remarried

She's been divorced before, but that is behind her

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Pushie Watson  | Relationships

Her first marriage might've not been a success, but that has not stopped Pushie Watson from believing in love and still looking forward to walking down the aisle again.

The former Jame Alley presenter recently revealed that she would definitely want to get married again, without a doubt.

The former presenter now turned preacher revealed this during her interview with Tumi Morake on WTF with Tumi on SABC 2.

"I am in preparation to be remarried, I'm excited, I feel like I've never been married. Uhm... I look forward to it. I've learned a lot about marriage in the time that I've been single cause I've never been single until I divorced, and God has been really ministering to me about Godly marriage and intimacy in marriage, and giving me revelations about marriage and I'm so looking forward to it, I'm so excited." She told Tumi.

Pushie also added that she prays that God brings her a divine connection, someone who she can serve and glorify him with.

Being a preacher and a very spiritual woman is very important to Pushie so it is not surprising that she is looking for a man who will praise and serve God with her.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@PushiePushie