Pearl Modiadie Rocks Her Baby Boy To Sleep

We want to see little nugget!

By  | Oct 28, 2020, 08:55 PM  | Pearl Modiadie  | Relationships

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Media personality, Pearl Modiadie, continues to give fans a glimpse at her baby boy whilst still keeping the full look at his precious face a secret. Late on Wednesday, 28 October 2020, the new mom was seen gently rocking her baby to sleep as he gently moved around on her shoulder. For a minute there, it looked as though baby Olivier was going to show his face to the camera, however managed to quickly cut the clip so that Tweeps were still left wondering what he looks like. 

Pearl has kept all aspects of motherhood low-key, especially her pregnancy, which was announced directly from her well after she had actually given birth. The same protocol has followed after having her little boy, which included hiding his gender and name in the first announcement post.

Since then Pearl has continued to open up inch by inch, beginning with this nursery, which actually revealed more than anyone had anticipated.  The walls of the nursery are painted blue for a baby boy and the name Olivier Lewatle is also placed over the baby's bed.

Although news of her pregnancy was leaked by a tabloid earlier this year the mommy confirmed the news but asked for privacy.
 â€œWe can confirm that Pearl Modiadie is pregnant and that she and her partner are thrilled to be first-time parents. Reports about how far along she is are inaccurate, and she prefers not to share this information. She's appreciative of the well wishes already coming through but has decided to embrace this moment privately with her partner, family and very close friends for now,"

 The only negativity she had to contend with was after she had given birth. The mom had documented her pregnancy and even had a breath taking maternity shoot. Although the shoot was beautiful not everyone was happy with her naked belly on display. Pearl wasted no time in letting people know that she had no time for their trolling, and ordered them to either embrace the images or get off her page.

"If you can't stand seeing a bare pregnant belly, you're welcome to get off my page, unfollow (or) block. Your negative comments are not welcome here! Also, stop feeling so entitled, I don't owe you anything. To everyone else, thanks for the love. I am happy to share this journey with you."
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