Patrick Seleka Takes Accountability For Abusing His Wife

He spills all the beans

By  | Sep 14, 2021, 12:56 PM  | Relationships

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Skeem Saam star Patrick Seleka has opened up about emotionally and mentally abusing his wife Mmabaneng Seleka. He took to Instagram to apologize for his faults and said he wants to be a better man.

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Mabaneng had previously opened up about being depressed, which raised eyebrows and speculation that Patrick might be responsible. Finally, Patrick has admitted to the offense, "The reason for my wife's depression is me," he captioned his now-deleted video on social media.

“The main reason my wife is going through her depression...I should say that all of it, is because of me. I am the reason she has been so depressed for so long and the one thing that's the worst is I haven't been there for her. I was emotionally and mentally abusive to her,”
he said.

As a result of the abuse she has apparently endured from her lover, she has distanced herself from friends and even lost her job. He also admitted to communicating with his ex-lover on social media and cheating on her several times.

“I have put my wife in a position where I wouldn't want even my worst enemies to be in and I am coming out publicly to her - wherever she is right now - and her family and to everyone that I humbly apologize for everything that I have done and I will do my level best to make things right for her,” apologized Patrick.

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