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Everyone is boo'd up & it's a beautiful thing.

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We've rounded up our favourite power couples in Botswana to lift your spirits (just in case you need some uplifting) in the hopes that their love has you believing in love, hugs and free Wifi for the new decade. 

These couples are nothing short of what falls under the umbrella that is ... #couplegoals. And though, that is not the type of pressure we need on these couples in 2020-or that couple goals is the standard of a perfect relationship...we just love, love. 

These couples will definitely want to make you fall in love

So, lets get into it:

Connie and Shona Ferguson

They are rich, powerful and they are in love. Connie and Shona Ferguson have the perfect love story and many look up to them.

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The Fergusons have been together for almost two decades, and they are still going strong. When they first met, for Shona, it was love at first sight. The two are both in the same industry and they run businesses together as well.

One may wonder how they have managed to keep their relationship going for so long. The secret to their great marriage is respect for each other, and working toward the same goal. 

“Shona and I have great chemistry and synergy, both personally and professionally. We understand only too well that we will not always agree on everything so we have learnt the art of compromise. What is important to us is respect and knowing that we’re working towards the same goal,” Connie told Move Magazine. 

Another secret is setting aside time to bond as a couple. With all their busy schedule, Connie says they have reserved Sundays for family.

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Don't they just look so good together?

Zandile Rammekwa & Zeus Deuce

Zeus proposed to Zandile in New York-so the bar is in the sky for you and your boo (just saying). These two are not only good friends, husband and wife but they are also business partners.

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Whoa! We know but they've managed to strike the perfect balance between business and pleasure and that's a balance that very few couples have mastered. More power to them. They have been together since 2016 and even through business and the highs and lows of love they continue to soar personally and professionally.

Mercy Thebe And Mopati

Mercy Thebe is a Limkokwing Public Relations Officer and Thabo Mapetla is a Kwaito artist. They say opposites attract and these two are the best kind of example for this type of love story.

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These two are joined at the hip. All the time and everywhere and we have to stan. Mercy and Mopati have been together for years and regardless of their pasts with bad breakups and faded relationships, its becoming clearer and clearer that these two were meant to be. Was it written in the stars? It sure feels like it.

Note to self: you'll find your person someday soon too. #2020

King Vee And Kagiso

Odirile Vee Sento known as Vee Mampeezy is 36 years old and is a musician and the leader and songwriter of Lamalanga and Black Money Makers records. His wife, Kagiso Sento is arguably one of the most beautiful women on the African continent. She is known by virtue of being his wife and despite her husband’s fame, she remains grounded and humble. Slay humble queen, slay!

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This is one of Botswana's ultimate supreme power couples. They have been together for 14 Years and have been married for 7 years. What is their secret?  

It seems like this couple still love, adore and respect each other the same way they did, when they first started out. Each of their social media is filled with pics of the other and their family-looking smitten and so very happy. Seriously though, what is their secret? Talk about longevity, honey. Some of us...could never.

Rapper Kast And Veronica Molapisi

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Rapper Kast and his socialite wife Veronica Molapisi are one of the most private couples in the land that is TSWAlebs and we respect their decision to keep the love low key. Somehow, no matter how they've managed to maintain their romance under lock and key, whenever the public gets to sneak a peek into their lives, we're undeniably green with envy-PERIODT!

Whenever spotted together, they are laughing, smiling, in a tight embrace and basically...they're living their best lives and although we are occasionally envious- we still love to see it. 

They recently welcomed another child into their family and they are so adorable to look like at, its like something out of a fairytale.

Tebogo Sebego and Tebogo Lebotse Sebego

Tebogo Sebego, known as Mara to many, is a Principal Partner at Sebego Attorneys and studied at the University of Botswana. His wife, Tebogo Lebotse Sebego is one of the most influential women in Botswana, both in Sports and Corporate. So in simple terms, "Bossa ke mang?" It's clearly them, people.

These lovebirds are young at heart and neither of them will compromise on looking good and having fun. With these two, age is nothing but a number.

Tebogo Sebego and Tebogo Lebotse Sebego were married on the 16th November 2013. They have 4 beautiful children, 3 daughters and 2 sons. Tebogo Lebotse Sebego puts priority on her family first and it shows. Her children are happy and healthy and it really puts into perspective that family is important. This is a strong woman and has even come to her husbands defense from time to time-she really stands by her man.

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The Sebego's are of course not a new, young and hot couple that we all are gushing about for the moment- but, they are definitely one of most inspirational.

They've  been together longer than some of you have been living and breathing but their family is big and full of love-we're wishing for this kind of big love for ourselves, that is for sure.

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