Who Is Nijel Amos' Girlfriend?

Is he single or not?

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Nijel Amos
Born in 1994 in a small village called Marobela village in the Eastern part of Botswana, Nijel Amos has risen to become one of the best middle-distance athletes in Botswana having won Botswana its first Olympic medal.

Besides being one of the highest-achieving athletes in Botswana, Nijel Amos is also one of the most outspoken athletes in the country although he tries hard to keep his personal affairs private.

Here is everything you need to know about Nijel Amos’ girlfriend, his relationship history, as well as his daughter.

Who is Nijel Amos’ girlfriend?

The identity of Nijel Amos’ girlfriend is currently unknown although a few months ago, several sources reported that he was in a relationship with an American woman.

Although his current relationship is quite unclear, Nijel Amos has had quite a colourful dating history. He has reportedly dated some prolific women in Botswana and he even has two children.

Nijel Amos children

Nijel Amos with his daughter, source: Instagram

Nijel Amos is a proud father of a 7-year old girl called Zoe Bakang Amos who was born on the 3rd of November 2015.

The athlete adores his daughter and he always shares adorable photos of their time together on Instagram.

Nijel Amos relationship history

Sasa Klaas

Nijel Amos with the late Sasa Klaas, source: Botswana Youth Magazine

A few years ago, Nijel Amos was rumoured to be in a relationship with the late rapper- Sarona Motlhagodi who was better known as Sasa Klaas.

The two who were evidently also close friends never clarified the nature of their relationship and let the rumours of them dating run.

Sasa Klaas passed away on the 5th of March 2021 after she was involved in a tragic plane crash.

Modioki Gaborone

Nijel Amos was also in a relationship with beauty queen and former Miss Botswana finalist- Modioki Gaborone and it was one of the athlete’s longer relationships.

Both Modioki Gaborone and Nijel Amos supported each other’s careers and they were always seen together at each other's events or just baecations.

It’s unclear when the two broke up and why they broke up but their relationship was one of a kind.

Mmina Gaebonwe

Mmina Gaebonwe is a renowned Motswana model, businesswoman, actress, an art collector and a humanitarian.

At some point, Mmina Gaebonwe was rumoured to be Nijel Amos’ girlfriend and although the two never confirmed nor denied the rumours, they were certainly on good terms.

After Nijel Amos was appointed as the Chief Walker at the UN walk against Gender Based Violence in 2018, Mmina took to Twitter to express her disappointment in UN’s choice of Nijel Amos whom she labeled as a woman abuser.

During a later interview, Mmina explained that she had cut all ties with Nijel Amos and dissolved their brand merger.

"I condemn the United Nations of Botswana for appointing Nijel Amos who I know for a fact is an abuser as a Chief Walker for Change. They should have sufficient knowledge of a person they choose to engage especially with a sensitive issue like GBV". She said.

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