Match Made In Heaven - Take A Look At Mpule Kwelagobe's Husband

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Mpule Kwelagobe
Mpule Keneilwe Kwelagobe is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women to ever walk the face of the earth.

In 1999, the Botswana-born beauty queen was crowned Miss Universe at the tender age of 20, instantly putting Botswana on the map. Prior to winning the Miss Universe title, Mpule had also won the Miss Botswana and Miss Universe Botswana in 1997 and 1999 respectively, and she had been a participant in the Miss World pageant in 1997.

Besides her very successful career on the runway, Mpule is also a businesswoman, a humanitarian and an investor who has achieved significant milestones. 

But a successful career woman is not there is to Mpule who is also a wife and a mother. Here is a look at who Mpule Kwelagobe’s husband is, her glamorous wedding and her children.

Mpule Kwelagobe's husband

Mpule Kwelagobe with her husband, source: missnews

Mpule Kwelagobe’s husband is Abhijoy Gandhi. He is an American of Indian heritage, with a background in finance.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Mpule Kwelagobe’s husband is the co-founder and CEO of GarudEye LLC. He has over 25 years of experience in varied roles at several big corporates including the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Wells Fargo Bank.

As far as education is concerned, Abhijoy Gandhi is one very educated. He holds a Master's degree in Film Production from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and an MBA in Finance and Strategy from the Wharton School.

The accomplished beauty queen met her husband in the mid-2000s after they were introduced by a mutual friend.

While at first Mpule only saw Abhijoy as a potential business partner, Gandhi on the other hand was smitten by the Mpule’s beauty and a few days after their first meeting, he confessed his love for her.

Speaking to MissNews in 2015, Gadhi revealed that Mpule was adamant to his advances at first but she eventually fell for him and reciprocated his feelings.

Mpule Kwelagobe wedding

Mpule Kwelagobe and hubby during their wedding, source: Facebook

After more than ten years of courtship, Mpule and her bae took things to the next level and exchanged their wedding vows in front of their family and friends in 2015.

The India-meets-Africa wedding affair that was stretched into four colourful ceremonies was one of a kind. It was held in Mpule’s home in Kanye, Botswana with the groom’s family flying in from both India and New York. 

Besides the pomp and cocktail of cultures that was witnessed at Mpule Kwelagobe’s wedding, the other thing that stood out was the hefty bride that Mpule Kwelagobe’s husband reportedly paid in exchange for the beauty queen’s hand in marriage. It is reported that 25 cows and around P600K changed hands during the ceremony. 

It is estimated that the wedding cost a whopping P2.2 million and it was among the best weddings in Botswana in 2015.

The couple has been happily married for seven years now. They currently reside in their New York home where they also both work on their individual businesses.

Mpule Kwelagobe’s children

Mpule Kwelagobe, source: Facebook

Although she is an internationally renowned public figure, the former Miss Universe is very elusive to the media and has managed to keep her private affairs under lock and key and information about her marriage life is very scarce.

In 2016, Mpule Kwelagobe made her pregnancy reveal after she shared pictures of her baby bump on Facebook.

Mpule Kwelagobe's family, source: Instagram

Ahead of the Christmas and new year festivities in 2021, Mpule Kwelagobe shared a family portrait of herself with her husband and three children- a girl and two older boys and we think they make a beautiful family.

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