Mmammidi Alleged For Beating His Ex-Boyfriend Together With The Maid

Rrammidi dismisses Mmammidi

By  | Jul 25, 2022, 09:57 AM  | Relationships

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She is known for making one of the best traditional cuisines in town that has attracted high profile people and celebrities. The young Chef who is a journalist by profession found herself having to save her image and brand over issue of intellectual property between her and the ex-boyfriend.

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She was also fingered in issues of domestic abuse as the ex-boyfriend by the name Rrammidi rubbished her claims that he was the one who beat her.

In a twist of events, Rrammidi has suffered physical abuse from Mmammidi, and he has also cited that even the maid and the kids suffered physical from her. So she was never a victim of abuse according to Rrammidi.

He further stated that he started the business ‘Mmammidi’ and that it was his idea from inception and he has worked hard to get the business out of the ground and that he was only cheated out of the company. That he had to give up the company to her. When she said her side of the truth this is what she said.
“I Tshephy Marumo is the founder of Mmammidi. It started off as a mmidi selling business on which I moved from different points of the city. Back then I was in a relationship with Patrick Kepadisa who decided to help me with his car to run the business. The business successfully helped us both grow as a couple he can testify, it paid our rent and brought food on table further paid his badisa and so on. Just like in all relationships we help each other, I thought this was genuine. Later on the business grew into a food stall it is today,”

“I successfully ran it and grew with it and Patrick had his 7-5 government job. In a nutshell things went left when he broke up with me. That is when he brought in kgang tsa gore o JELWE. Ha a jelwe jaana he angrily demanded a share of Mmammidi. Ka gana that he was even got physical on me until ke bona gore ke a go swela lesidi. I decided to give up on my Block 8 stall, as a franchise which went on for four weeks that is when he said still wa mperekela.”

“We had written contracts on how it was to operate. I was scared. Those terms and conditions were jeopardized deliberately which was now bad for Phase 2 Mmammidi. I could not talk to him anymore for like I said he was angry. I engaged friends, family to mediate between us again it could not work.”

She further stated that on a later stage through the help of lawyers she said gave up everything and told him to rebrand. “That is when he removed MM from Mmammidi and put R for Rammidi. My heart was sore, it’s still bleeding for my problems began. I asked him why the answer was Companies has approved my name. The only way I can take it out is when you buy my company for P50 000, which by then I didn’t have.”

“I completely saw a stranger, who was proud, ready to even kill for Mmammidi. I gave up on my business. I kept quite it’s almost 2 years now, when customers felt I neglected block 8 stall, when they felt I cared less, when calls came thru for unsatisfying service. I kept quite when my then employees called to say Tshephy it’s not looking good. It tarnished both us for I chose not to be a bitter ex thinking he will clear the air.”


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