Minnie Prepares For The Arrival Of Baby Jones

"Fresh braids for my King"

By  | Nov 13, 2020, 01:35 PM  | Minnie Dlamini  | Relationships

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Media personality and presenter Minnie Dlamini is gearing up for the arrival of her baby boy and she opted for a simple hairstyle to help with the birth. Many women opt for simple braids or shorter hairstyles when they are about to give birth. This is done to get the hair out of the way, when the labour pains start to kick in.

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After sharing her pictures on Instagram, it is pretty clear that she has not given birth but her bulging belly indicates that she is ready to pop. Many have speculated that she has given birth.

Speculations were brought up because the Becoming Mrs Jones reality star had reached the nine-month mark last week. This was followed by a Twitter post suggesting that she's quarter to giving birth.

Minnie has really been the luckiest mother-to-be as she was gifted with not one, but three baby showers. She's been getting countless gifts from her friends in the industry, family and some designer brands. The last baby shower  was a surprise courtesy of Quinton's family. She said, "I’m so blessed to be married into a God-fearing and loving family. #BabyJones is one lucky bugger ❤️ This season of my life I call “Abundance of Love.”

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