Mihlali And Lasizwe Take On The June Bug Challenge

In another episode of YouTubers’ Chronicles.

By  | Jan 24, 2021, 12:15 PM  | Mihlali Ndamase  | Relationships

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They are the best friend goals made in South African YouTube heaven, Mihlali Ndamase and Lasizwe Dambuza  always promise one thing when they meetup; content. Never ones to disappoint their fans, the two recently were painting the night red together and managed to produce an impromptu dance challenge that was trending this past week.

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The June Bug Challenge was arguably a response to the Buss It Challenge. The Buss It Challenge was created to shake the table by showcasing the beauty and moves of women, while the June Bug Challenge invites everybody to tap into their inner child. In the US the challenge was popularized by rapper and businesswoman, Saweetie. But in South Ah, the challenge was popularized by the viral video by YouTubers, George “Okay Wasabi” Mnguni and Daluthando “Dali Danger.”
Now, it was only a matter of time that the two friends that basically live on social media take up the challenge and show us how leading influencers do the things. The video is short but provides us with more than enough content to realize that firstly, there lockdown has affected some more than others. Secondly, that January is not Jan-You-Worry for everybody, especially our favourite A-listers.
Moreover, it marks one of the first times that Lasizwe bothered to credit an follower influencer for content that he bit- allegedly. Confused? Lasizwe was recently dragged again for plagiarizing the work of another influencer and YouTuber by the name of SineThePink1. Sis called out Swiri for a direct cut-and-paste job that was done by Lasizwe.  And as entertainment commentator, Owamie Hlongwane reminded us that this is not the first time that Swiri bit and was called out for his messy behavior.   
For Mihlali it was great to see the good sis actually producing content. Since stepping fully within her bag, Mihlali has not been paying as much attention to the foundation of her success- her YouTube channel.  Sis has been more active on Twitter with contradicting and sometime just confusing tweets on relationships. With her recent videos, she has made it clear that unless there is bag attached to her video, she will not be posting it. From her four most recent video, there is only one “non-sponsored” video. The rest can be labelled based on the sponsor including Baby Soft, Inecto and most recent Netflix. 

Who knows when Mihlali will get back to serving her regular-degulars with the consistent  content that they used to know and love her for.  Now they just sit and wait for a notification bell that comes on monthly rather than weekly these days.

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