Meet Mpho Balopi's Wife Of More Than 20 Years

Love, oh my love

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Mpho Balopi and his wife
Mpho Balopi is one of the most prominent politicians in Botswana. He is the MP for Gaborone North Constituency, Secretary-General for Botswana Democratic Party, the Minister of Employment, Labour Productivity and Skills Development and a once upon a time close confidant of President Masisi.

The youthful politician who has gained the favour of many Motswanas for his charismatic leadership has a beautiful wife and family.

What do you know about the minister’s family? Tswalebs lets you in on who Mpho Balopi’s wife is, their children, and their married life.

Who is Mpho Balopi’s wife?

Mpho Balopi's wife, source: Facebook

The youthful Mpho Balopi’s wife is a beautiful Motswana woman called Chedza Balopi. She is a human resource practitioner and currently serves as the head of human resources at Stanbic Bank Botswana. She previously worked for other top organizations including Air Botswana, DTC Botswana and Jwaneng Mine.

Chedza Balopi who comes from Francistown holds a degree in Business administration from Cambrian College and a Master's degree in Strategic management from the University of Derby.

Unlike her husband who is quite active on social media, Chedza Balopi is quite private and rarely posts on social media.

When did Mpho Balopi get married?

Mpho Balopi and his wife on their wedding day, source: Facebook

Mpho Balopi and his wife exchanged their wedding vows on 15th May 1999 in a beautiful church wedding ceremony.

The couple recently celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary and the minister, who is quite the romantic, took to Facebook to commemorate their big day and shower his wife with love.

With you in my life, 23 years feels like the blink of an eye. The sight of you is refreshing, rejuvenating, and relaxing. With you in it, my life is an absolute joy.” He posted.

Accompanying the long heartwarming post, Mpho Balopi shared pictures of himself with his wife in different stages of their life including their wedding day.

“On this 23rd anniversary, I thank God for all He’s given us. And I pray that he gives us many more years together. Here’s to love. Here’s to another blink of an eye. I know you will be there when I open my eyes because that’s how deep our devotion to one another is. Ndo ku dha, tjipandamoyo tjangu. Ke a go rata, moratiwa. I love you. You, my love.” He concluded.

This was not the first time that Mpho Balopi took to social media to let the world know just how much his wife means to him and we think that Mpho Balopi’s wife is one lucky woman.

Mpho Balopi’s children

Together with his wife, Mpho Balopi are raising a family and they’ve been blessed with some children, the exact number of Mpho Balopi’s children has not been provided.

Although he is fond of celebrating his wife, Mpho Balopi has kept his children away from the public’s eye and at the moment we don’t have much information about them but we will keep you updated if any information about them comes up.

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