Mduduzi And Wife Fatima Meisling

Why Fatima is a happy woman

By  | Apr 06, 2022, 04:14 PM  | Mduduzi Mabaso  | Relationships

Mduduzi and his wife of ten years
Growing together as husband and wife is rare nowadays. Broken homes have become the order of the day for many especially the known. Actor mduduzi is among the known people who love his wife dearly. Time after time the actor celebrates his wife Fatima Meisling on his socials in long lovely posts.  The couple has been married for more than 10 years and still gush over each other.

They are blessed with four children. Mduduzi had two children with his former partner. He put once put to the public that he still had butterflies for his wife. Who knew after ten years one would still feel trembles? After ten years of marriage all couples know is pain and suffering. He admitted that he is sometimes tempted but because of the beautiful thing he shares with his wife, he can never fall into temptations.

He also loves his kids, celebrating his tenth birthday Mduduzi asked his son Ntokozo to thank God for his life and request for more years. He also advised him to live his own life without competing with anyone. He wished him strength and wisdom and asked him to embrace growth and respect.

In an appreciation post, Mduduzi called his wife a star, “My Ten in one is my Wife, my best Friend who loved me when I had forgotten to love myself umqedi we knock-knees, (KissKiss)
 The star that brings light and life in everybody's space keeps shining my Ten-In-One-Wives, my best Friend, my Smile keeper, my Pillar, my Doctor, my Wifenger (Manager), my Comforter, my Motivator, my Confidant, my God given Angel. I really appreciate you.God help these Wives of mine give Her Wisdom. (konje who said women are cruel?) angilwi.”

He dismissed claims that women are cruel, he has constantly posted her to say she loved her. What does this woman give Mduduzi is what many are asking? It is not every day you find a man this smitten to one woman. What is the secret Meisling, please share it with fellow women.
Fatima on the hand looked happy and unbothered. On the many posts, she is seen smiling and laughing. Rocking classy outfits one can conclude that the woman is loved right. She must be God’s favorite. Out here women are sad and depressed because of their toxic men.



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