Marang Welcomes Friend Into Marriage

She invites her friend into the City Wives Club.

By  | May 02, 2021, 02:39 PM  | Marang Molosiwa  | Relationships

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Marang prominent actress, Tv host, lecturer, mother and most recently wife Marang has spent over a decade on our screens delivering pure personality and talent. Marang Molosiwa is also the host of the TV programme "Mantlwaneng". She also appeared in MTV Shuga in 2020 as the only actor from Botswana, making fellow Botswanians proud.
 Marang recently tied the knot with Dipsy Selolwane, a former soccer player and founder of the football academy as well as other ventures. To respect their privacy and cherish the beauty of their special day the couple opted for a smaller, private wedding ceremony only permitting friends and close family to attend. while she and her soccer star husband did share some pictures on social media.
 While Marang is relatively new to the world of marriage, she and her hubby do have a daughter together and have been together for a  while. Her marriage has already been placed under a microscope,  by the sometimes ruthless tweeps. Often the subject of conversation about their marriage is the age gap, people have made their opinions on the relationship known. Dipsy is 43 years old and Marang is only 29 years old, while this age gap isn't all too common among some couples it has also sparked a major debate on social media. There have been a number of users in support of Marang and Dipsy who have made a point to emphasise that Marang and her spouse are both adults at the end of the day.
 Yet in the midst of the public critiquing her marriage, she was not silent and took to social media to defend her marriage, and set the record straight regarding her marriage. responding to a tweet with a well thought out rebuttal “oh! The age gap chat is played out hey! No matter how you spin it”  fans.
 Over the weekend the actress took to Instagram to post a picture of her in a stunning pink dress, which she wore to her friend's bridal shower.  She captioned the sexy picture with a sincere heartfelt message welcoming her friend into the  CWC (City Wives Club) which is a play on the phrase city girls, often attributed to young single women who like to have fun.  Marang and her friends are self-proclaimed City Wives living their best lives. 
Marang has been very enthusiastic over-sharing snippets of her life on social media. She has posted everything from the more beautiful pictures of her wedding day, down to adorable pictures of her adorable daughter Nami. So it is no surprise that Marang would post the beautiful and eventful day of her friend's bridal shower on her Instagram feed as well as on her Instagram story.
She took to instagram to congratulate her friend.
We look forward to Marang’s City Wives Adventures.

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