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By  | Nov 19, 2020, 08:48 PM  | Marang Molosiwa  | Relationships

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Botswana’s very own, Marang Molosiwa, took to Instagram on Thursday, 19 November 2020 to share an adorable post about her daughter, Nami, and her niece, Aabilwe. The working mom has documented all the stages of Nami’s young life on social media, and it seems as though the spunky toddler is already making best-buds with someone other than her parents. 

Marang explained that her baby girl and her niece have become inseparable at such a young age, and it was clear that she was completely smitten by their love for one another. She stated, “My niece Aabilwe is my daughter’s favourite person in the world! My child’s eyes light up with excitement when she sees her sissy! They just adore each other! These are the moments I live for. One day they’ll recreate this picture. The image showed the cousins sitting on the foot of the slide with Aabilwe supporting Nami from behind. 

The young mum has made sure to take note of the happier moments in motherhood which most definitely outweigh the stressful times. Just last week, the media personality got real about parenting and candidly opened up about that parts which sometimes felt too overwhelming. 

"Y’all!!! I’m recovering from a bout of intense MOM BURN OUT. I’ve had a rough, crippling couple of weeks! Tiiiiired! My energy has been low. I’ve been hypersensitive, overwhelmed, and just highly irritable! I simply lost my flow", she stated. 

The actress went on to add that moms sometimes tend to want to be perfectionists in every role they pursue. She said she realized that she was not centred, this includes not reading the Bible and she had to start reading it to regain her strength.
 "I think as working moms we really put ourselves under so much pressure to perfect every role we assume. Mom, partner/wife, sister, daughter, employer, employee!! Issss a lot sis! With quite a bit of convincing by my partner, I decided to dedicate yesterday to shut the world out."

Despite her feelings of being overwhelmed, Marang has made sure to most many moments that have made her happy to be a mother to one-year-old Nami. In August 2020, Marang celebrated her baby’s birthday with a super adorable photoshoot which showed that the apple definitely did not fall far from the tree. 

The images show the toddler partaking in the popular ‘smash cake’ trend which saw he diving into a birthday cake all on her own. Surrounded by ample flowers and a pink background, the one-year-old glowed as she posed for the pictures.

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