Inside Dipsy Selolwane And Marang's Life Of Wedded Bliss

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By  | May 19, 2022, 09:05 AM  | Marang Molosiwa  | Relationships

Dipsy Selolwane and Marang
It’s always big news in the entertainment world when an acclaimed footballer falls in love with a renowned star and they settle down.

Internationally, the acclaimed GOAT of football Christiano Ronaldo is the perfect example. His partner Georgina Rodriguez is a dancer, model, and social media influencer and together they make such a perfect couple. Another example is the retired English football player David Beckham whose wife is a famous musician, model, fashion designer, and TV personality- Victoria Beckham. This is another couple that gives us goosebumps.

At home, our own football legend who is now retired- Diphetogo “Dipsy” Selolwane has been making news ever since he got into a relationship with actress/media personality- Marang Molosiwa.

Currently considered one of the loveliest celebrity couples in Botswana, Dipsy Selolwane and Marang’s relationship has not been without ups and downs, which they have been able to conquer.

Here is everything you need to know about Dipsy Selolwane and Marang Molosiwa’s relationship timeline that will reignite your hope for true love.

Dipsy Selolwane and Marang wedding

Dipsy Selolwane and Marang wedding, source: Instagram

After being together for several years, Dipsy Selolwane and Marang made their relationship official when they finally put a ring on it.

The couple got married in a beautiful white wedding ceremony on 9th April 2021. Celebrating their big day with their fans, the couple took to social media to share snaps of their wedding that gave us a glimpse of how beautiful the event was. While Dipsy was dressed in a sharp black suit, Marang wore a sexy white wedding gown and adorned it with a beautiful veil.

Accompanying the pictures, Marang left a heartwarming caption:  

"09.04.2021 🥂💍🤍So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate’ Matthew 19:6. Modimo ke oo!."

Both Dipsy Selolane and Marang are big on showing the world just how much they love each other. They always shower each other with heartwarming messages on big days like birthdays, Valentine’s day and anniversaries and gratefully for their fans, they get to see it all on their timelines.

On 9th April 2022, Dipsy Selolwane and Marang celebrated their first wedding anniversary and they both took to their individual Instagram accounts to celebrate completing their one year together as man and wife. We look forward to more anniversaries of these two and we hope we’ll be there to witness the growth of their love.

Dipsy Selolwane and Marang age gap

Dipsy and Marang on 2022 Valentines, source: Instagram

One of the major topics that often come up whenever people discuss Dipsy Selolwane and Marang’s relationship is usually their age gap.

44-year-old Dipsy is roughly 14 years older than his wife Marang who will be turning 31 later this year. Although a majority of people don’t seem to be bothered by this age gap because it’s really a non-issue as the two are both adults, some cyberbullies have made it their agenda to bash the couple because of their age gap.

While both Marang and Dipsy often choose to ignore the naysayers, on one occasion Marang clapped back at a tweep who tried to comment on their age gap. Replying to the tweep, she said: “The age gap chat is played out hey!”

It’s always refreshing to see a person standing up to their bullies and shutting them down and we are honestly proud of Marang.

Dipsy Selolwane and Marang's children

Dipsy, Marang, and their daughter, source: Instagram

Marang and Dipsy Selolwane have been blessed with one child- an adorable little girl named Nami who was born in 2019.

Mr Dipsy is also a father to an older beautiful daughter who was born from a previous relationship.

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