Miss Geekays Dismisses Rumours Of Dating Prince Kaybee!

Said they are just friends

By  | Jun 22, 2022, 01:51 PM  | Khumo "Miss Geekays" Kgwaadira  | Relationships

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In the past, Miss Geekays has been all over the news for many things. Her career has always made it to the news, and everything is built around her. Well, we can never talk about Miss Geekays and we don’t mention sassy, class, and poise. She is always on point and does her work like a pro! We love that about her. The radio and television brand is a force and hence why people want to know who the star is dating. The one thing about her she will keep many people guessing.

For many years now people have always assumed that Miss Geekays and Resego Motlhokathari were items. What many people never knew was that the two have always been close friends since 2013. They have been seen trending on social media circles posing the coziest pictures together, you would think they are a match made in heaven. However, people have failed to pick celebrities who are dating and celebrities who are not. While fans may sit there admiring their hottest snaps hoping that one-day wedding dates will be released, they might as well sit there forever when there is nothing more going on.

It’s no doubt that people will always play matchmaking and Miss Geekays has been a victim twice. She has been rumored to be dating Prince Kaybee other than Resego.  The hot Prince Kaybee who is also known as Kagiso Motsamai is a South African sensation who has made major hits with his Electronic Dance Music DJ career. He is also a producer who hails from Durban. The 33-year-old star has scored himself a huge name in South Africa and has a huge following on both Facebook and Instagram. He is of course making major moves in his career. However, he was not always ushered into the limelight for his songs; he has also been all over the news for theft allegations and his ability to Dj like a Pro.

In a recent podcast interview with Joey Badudi, she shunned allegations thrown at her about ever dating South African sensation Prince Kaybee. 

“Why would I smash him, he is my friend. He even calls me ‘nana’. There is nothing sexual about us. I’m like his little sister and I have never seen him that way. I met Prince Kaybee in 2015 when he was booked for his first gig in Palapye. I interviewed him for the first time and he said I sounded like Bonang. That is how we started talking. I don’t know why people think that way but I swear I don’t see him that way,” she rubbed off the rumors.

While some wished this could be true, unfortunately, they are just friends. The two have a good friendship going on and love is off the cards. Being a celebrity, especially a radio and television star, you will always come across different people from different walks of life. The beauty of it all is when you encounter huge celebrities and you end up befriending them. That has been the case with Miss Geekays.

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