K Naomi is taking a break from love

After that whole debacle with DJ Shimza we don't blame her.

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM

The gorgeous model and media personality has had a lot to deal with in her private life, but like the strong woman she's become, Naomi has managed to put her chin up and pick up the pieces to her life regardless of what may have happened to her past relationships.

And although she's a beautiful woman who probably has many men lined up to date her, she has decided to take a break from relationships.

The media personality has mentioned in several interviews that she's very single and is simply focusing on herself, after she was asked about the ring on her finger.

K Naomi explained that the ring is just a promise ring that she wears to signify a promise to herself.

“It’s just a promise ring to myself. It’s just a silver ring to myself, I’ve had such a crazy year.  I need to just concentrate on myself, make good money. I’m very, very, very single. I’m not even trying to entertain anyone, people must just stay away from me, or if you’re still in love with me, stay away," she said during an interview on Metro FM.

According to numerous sources K Naomi was spotted with her ex-boyfriend Lunga Shabalala at the Sun Met event that took place over the weekend.

During a Q&A question on Instagram, K Naomi made it clear that she and Lunga work for the same brand and that they are just cool with each other.

She again made it clear that she is so single.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@KNaomi