A look at Lerato and HHP's romance

"Jabba and Lerato represent love" - Anele

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It's very rare in life that one gets to watch love grow. There are many stages of affection that come before and after romance, and oftentimes life requires patience to watch the ebb and flow of love in all it's forms.

The relationship between Lerato Sengadi and HHP was one that had many stages and levels before it became what it was meant to become. On the Valentine's day episode of Real Talk with Anele the couple gave a rare glance into the inner workings of their life and love and told the story of their becoming.

In 2007 Lerato became a household name on Big Brother and around the same time, HHP was recapturing the hearts of South Africans on Big Brother. Shortly after HHP's win, he happened to meet Lerato's mother and she told him, should he ever find himself single, she'd be happy to introduce him to her daughter. 

"I already knew her from around. She'd actually been on one of my songs, on a skit or something along with her other Big Brother housemates. So I knew her but I'd never looked at her that way. Plus at the time I wasn't looking for anything, so I just... Kept it moving... Brushed it off" 

After coming out of a long term relationship HHP was finding it hard to heal and move on, and said one of the best things about Lerato was how her presence didn't make him mourn his past. 

"When you come out of a relationship that you had all this hope and genuine love in, it can be very hard to rebuild. I wanted to move on but everyone seemed to remind me of my ex. With Lerato, she didn't at all. She was something new. Someone very new..."

Post a strenuous recording session Jabba had gone out with his friends and it was that night that their relationship would blossom.

"I'd gone out, and I ran into Lerato, she was out with her friend Sunshine, and I didn't think anything of it cos I'd always thought they were dating. But that night she saw me, she took my hand and the rest was history" 

In the interview Lerato declared the key to their longevity being an "amazing friendship".

"He's my best friend"

The pair also spoke about parenting Jabba's son Leano as well as plans for their future and their union.

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This past week, after what's been a tumultuous year, Lerato had to let her best friend and partner go.  Early this year Jabba had announced that they were separating because he'd cheated on her, and we can only go off assumption that they were working on mending things.

She'd sent out a heartwarming birthday message to him just a month ago and everything seemed to be on track as they worked to regain the balance they'd worked at for so long.

A few days ago Lerato broke her silence post Jabba's passing with lyrics we can only assume she's finding solace in now.

Details on the memorial can be found below.

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