Forex Trader Motaso attacks Penene Ponono

The fight against new found love

By  | Jul 27, 2022, 08:42 AM  | Relationships

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Botswana’s popularly know rich king of forex trade, has come gun blazing at comedian and entertainer, Penene Ponono.

It has not been a secret but mostly a shocker to Batswana when the comedian Penene Ponono ventured into a romantic relationship with  entertainer and promoter BJB’s ex girl Lala. The relationship to most is not a big problem however, the issue that everyone seems to be raving about is that the young lady had just recently gave birth to BJB’s child and as Botswana culture and customs go, she is supposed to be in confinement.

The issue of confinement highlights that as a new mother, she is supposed to not make any interactions with anyone especially not a male figure that is not the biological father of her new born child, the rules of confinement also state that as a young lady who has just given birth, she is not supposes to be up and about in public let alone events and recreational places.

The rave towards this relationship has come as a shock, however in its element, it has managed to bring out mixed emotions towards fans and friends of the three involved. Most of the fans have shown that BJB has mostly mistreated Lala and she is justified to pack her bags and leave for greener pastures regardless of the circumstances. Lala has previously mentioned that she is in an abusive relationship with BJB and he fails to prepare and even take care lf their child, she has mentioned that the promoter wants her to beg for his cooperation and love.

To some in which it has been observed to be men, believe that what Penene Ponono did was outrages by taking another man’s  woman,  especially one he has a new born child with. It does not stop with just the social media posts and comments from fans but it escalates and takes a different turn when forex trader Motaso , takes a stand to insult and call out Penene Ponono, he mentions that Penene pretended to be BJB’s friend while he knew he wanted to snatch his girlfriend.

He goes on to call the comedian very unpleasant names. He goes on to say that the reason why Penene has not had any big breakthrough in his comedian career is due to his behaviour, calling him an ‘upcoming comedian’.

It is quite obvious that with so much drama going on, Penene is bound to respond, in which he did. Noting out to the public that he loves Lala and everyone else’s  opinion will not lead him to change his actions, he mentioned that the young lady is happy with him.  The young comedian went on to mention that he has been in a toxic relationship before and he is at his happiest moment with Lala.

Regardless of the couples attempt to showcase their happiness, Motaso's bought  battle does not stop as he continues to attack the couple on a daily basis. Having mentioned how busy and focused his life is, the forex trader is surely invested in Penene and Lala's relationship.

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