Halala! DJ Zinhle Is Getting Married

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By  | Dec 14, 2021, 02:57 PM  | DJ Zinhle  | Relationships

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From the get go, DJ Zinhle had made it pretty clear that she had no intentions of getting married to Bongani, however, it seems the tables have turned and now we talking of something different. Has DJ Zinhle had a change o heart now wants to tie the knot? She made this known on her last episode of her reality show.

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From the beginning of The Unexpected, DJ Zinhle spoke about how her family members wanted her to get married. In the very first episode when she broke her pregnancy room to Pearl Thusi, who asked her is she getting married, then Zinhle said, “I’m not going to get married, ever!”

Her baby daddy Murdah Bongz also expressed keenness in getting married to DJ Zinhle, but she had turned him down numerous times.

“And they wonder, my sister, when are you getting married?" said Zinhle in one of her diary room sessions.

Then as Murdah and Zinhle are taking a stroll, he tells her, “But I want to do the right thing.” However, Zinhle did not feel that it is the right thing for her. “But the thing is, the right thing for who? Like…No!” She responded.

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