Lamiez And Khuli's Marriage Gets Attacked

Trolls want to know their most personal business

By  | Jun 08, 2021, 04:18 PM  | DJ Lamiez Holworthy  | Relationships

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Lamiez Holworthy got angered by a Twitter troll who meddled in her marital affairs. The DJ was only engaging with her followers about marriage and children and how the in-laws as well as society play a big role in it.

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A tweep asked people what scares them the most about marriage. Obviously it was meant for non-married people. But Lamiez wanted to clarify a lot of misconceptions from her own personal experiences but got attacked for it.

She said at first she was scared of her in-laws being judgmental because of her career and her choice to have an inked body.

Luckily for her, her soulmate Khuli Chana and his family have accepted for who she fully is and are supportive. Just like her own biological family. "Honestly? The thought of my in laws trying to box me was my biggest fear. Kgante I’d be blessed with a family that gets and accepts me as much my own does. My mother in law? Lepara! Nna ke lepantsula (I'm a pantsula) and married or not, this is who I am," she answered.

"Also society and its unrealistic expectations play a big role in why batho ba tshaba lenyalo (people are so scared about marriage.) For the longest time I’d get silly comments like “You're a DJ who will marry you? Or "With so many tattoos will you ever get married?"
However a troll asked her why does she not giver her husband kids because she has to. "That's not OK you can't have everything you want in life and fail to give Khuli a child, issa no no. Don't you want a child or Khuli doesn't want a child or is it bcoz you guys can't make a child?"

Lamiez was not having it and put the troll in it's place. "You're a joke. The point that I just made flew right over your head neh?! Imagine a whole adult like yourself so invested in MY life. Tell me how any of this is your business also? O stlaela wena, jy’s Dom! Houtkop nje. shame man."

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