DJ Fresh And DJ Black Coffee's Bromance

The two friends show each other love and affirmation

By  | Oct 16, 2020, 07:52 AM  | DJ Fresh  | Relationships

Arguably one of the best DJ's in Africa, with a career that spans over 2 decades, he is definitely counted among the GOATs. DJ Fresh is one of Botswana's most successful stars and his career has spanned over more than 30 years in South Africa. He has successfully dabbled in radio and presenting while being a husband and a dad.

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Black Coffee and DJ Fresh's friendship spans over more than a decade and they always endorse each other when they achieve great things. When DJ Fresh was fired by the SABC and jobless for a few days, Black Coffee was one of the first celebrities to endorse his shown and ask people to tune in.

Even when Black Coffee was invited to the United States of America by American rapper, entrepreneur and music producer, P.Diddy himself, to attend one of his lavish parties, Black Coffee didn't even think twice but to take DJ Fresh and his side-kick Euphonik with him. DJ fresh's Instagram page was one to envy as he documented the fun that they had with P.Diddy in the States. They were living a soft lifestyle with international stars.

Many celebrated DJ Fresh on his birthday yesterday but the bromance between him and long-time friend Black Coffee was special. DJ Fresh's day was over-filled with love and appreciation from many, the award-winning DJ celebrated his 48th birthday yesterday, the 15 October 2020. He has worked hard to achieve his many accolades and establish his profile as a respected businessman. Fresh is the owner of a company called the Big Dawg Productions.

DJ Fresh has to this day produced a number of albums and he has also shared the stage with international artists including "Little Louie" Vega, Frankie Knuckles, Armad Van Helden, just to name a few. Apart from nurturing his career as a DJ, he's also taken the time to launch foundations that give back to the community.

Plenty of fans left messages of appreciation and love for the Big Dawg, as he is affectionately known.

"Happy Birthday national Asset, Grootman ezinye zazo ezishintsha impilo zabantu, the day you left MetroFm i lost a part of me Grootman.enjoy baba Thixo akusikelele bro"

"Ow madoda ooBhuti abakhulu, min'emnandi Da Big Dawg"

"Happy birthday,  the Freshman  aka Bif Dwg!

"You're still an inspiration to many of us as well.  Wishish you many more ahead.."

"That's so sweet brothers inspiring and admiring each other... May God bless you both abundantly"

May the bromance continue to inspire many more to lift each other up in the industry, instead of the opposite.

Main Image Credit: TSWAlebs