What Did You Hear About Charma Gal's Husband?

This is how divorces should be

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Charma Gal, meet Charma Gal
Magdeline Lesolobe, popularly known as Charma Gal is undoubtedly one of the most successful musicians from Botswana.

Known for being a member of the popular Culture Spears group and being a successful act after going solo, Charma Gal’s consistency in the industry is something to be admired.

One of the most commonly asked questions about Charma Gal is the question about her marital status, and who Charma Gal’s husband is if he exists.

In response to the first question, Charma Gal is currently not married. The sensational musician who was once married got divorced from her husband after a brief marriage. Here is everything you need to know about Charma Gal’s ex-husband, her relationships, and children.

Who is Charma Gal’s husband/ ex-husband?

A throwback photo of Charma Gal's wedding, source: Thevoicebw

Charma Gal’s ex-husband is Kabelo Mogwe, aka Leshman. Like Charma, Leshman is also a musician and although the two have not disclosed how they met, there is a chance that their mutual love for music might have brought them together.

In 2004, the couple together with their friends, Thembeni Ramosetheng and Angeline Mogwatheng, formed the popular musical group, Culture Spears, of which Charma Gal’s husband was the lead singer.

After years of being together and working together, Charma Gal and Leshman got married officially in 2011 forming a musically gifted power couple.

Although the couple was regarded as one of the best couples in town, unfortunately, their marriage was not meant to last and in 2016 they filed for divorce.

Unlike their wedding which was quite lovely, the couple’s divorce was bitter and heated. While Charma Gal’s husband accused her of infidelity, Charma Gal retaliated by accusing her ex-husband of verbal abuse.

During the divorce proceedings, Charma Gal also disclosed that she had attempted suicide by overdosing on pills as a result of the stress that she experienced during her marriage.

Charma Gal and her ex-husband's current relationship

Charma Gal, source: Facebook

Although things did not end very well for Charma Gal and her ex-husband, the two still maintain a mature and healthy friendship that we all love to see.

Since finalizing their divorce, the ex-couple has been seen hanging out on several occasions. A couple of years after their divorce, they shared a video on YouTube where they were performing their song Kulanche together.

In 2020 during the Corona Virus quarantine season, Charma Gal and her ex-husband shared a video where they were hanging out together and teased fans by claiming that they were quarantining together in the suburbs of Phakalane.  

The video got their fans thrilled and they took to the comments to express their admiration for their maturity.

Is Charma Gal currently dating?

Charma Gal with Jah Prayzah, source: YouTube

It is not clear if Charma Gal is currently dating anyone. After her marriage to Kabelo Mogwe, Charma Gal dated businessman Resego Matenge but they broke up.

The musician was also linked to famous Zimbabwean musician Jah Prayzah whom she has previously worked with, but the dating rumours have never been verified.

Charma Gal's children

Charma Gal with one of her sons, source: Facebook

Charma Gal has two children. Her first child is a son- George who was born in 2003 and her second and youngest son- Thandolwane was born in 2016. It is reported that Charma Gal’s second son lives with his father- businessman Resego Matenge.

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