BJB And Lala: Fashionable Couple OF The Year

Their love is eternal

By  | Jun 28, 2022, 03:02 PM  | Relationships

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In a rollout of events, the Annual Glitz Awards has returned with yet another cutting-edge awards which are billed for August 20 at the Gaborone International Conference Centre (GICC). They have many categories that feature all celebrities in the creative space and we love how inclusive they are with the awards. These awards are the first of their kind in the country and many people are anticipating the show. We love how they are reshaping local awards and bringing in a new face to awards ceremonies. The event will surely turn heads.

However, in one of the categories of the awards celebrities, love affairs will also be the talk of the night. Yes, we have celebrity couples in Botswana and BJB also known as ‘Bontle Jwa Batswana’ and his gorgeous girlfriend known as Lala are some of the celebrities that have made their relationship public. The love birds are currently blessed with a small baby after many years of being in their undying love for each other. Lala is also known as Mma Bontle Jwa Batswana has stood by BJB all these years until he was now successful. 

The duo are the most booked celebrity couples and have a huge following on Facebook of more than 376 000. They have been sourcing money through digital advertising and bookings for events. We love how these love birds support each and always stand by each other no matter what. Lala is never moved when his sweetheart is being dragged down by his followers on Facebook. As he is often body-shamed and put on memes because of his body features. She is that girl that sticks by his man no matter what. We love how they have shared their blissful love affair, showing many people how this love thing is done.

However, like many other relationships, they two have endured their own share of challenges in the relationship as it is not always a fairy tale. Lala has in the past accused BJB of abusing her and even cheating on her. He recently set tongues wagging after shocking claims were revealed that he has been nothing but a gender-based violence perpetrator towards his baby mama. Their relationship has hit rocks on many occasions yet they still hold on to their love for each other. BJB has also come out to publicly apologize for his misdeeds and badly treating her woman.

Other couples who were nominated for this category are Berry Heart and Brian Sokesi. The power couple that owns fashion empires and are running businesses together. The flamboyant former television aficionado who later became a Pastor, Joel Keitumele, and his wife were also nominated for this category. Power couple Vee Mampeezy and Kagiso Sento were also nominated for this category. The long-term love birds are one of the most loved celebrity couples in the country and we wish them the best of luck and other couples as well. Tebogo lebotse Sebego and husband Tebogo Lebotse also made it to the nomination.

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