Berry Heart Gushes Over Her Baby Daddy

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By  | Feb 09, 2021, 12:40 PM  | Relationships

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Berry Heart is head over heels in love with her man. The musician who is blessed with a son, has taken to social media to gush over her baby daddy.

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In a post, she shared on Instagram, the lovebirds melted the hearts of their legions of fans with their matching outfits, proving that they are a match made in heaven.

As the month love has kicked off Berry made sure to celebrate her love by penning a sweet message to Brian Sokesi, by writing, "This month I appreciate my love, Raagwe @babyamaribw Thank you for walking with me in this journey, thank you for the unconditional love, AGAPE! Thank you for being so different from me yet complementing me on many ways. I love you dearly!"

The couple recently welcomed into the world their baby Amari. Just recently Betty penned an emotional message wishing Amari a happy 5-months birthday. She stated, “On the 14th June 2020, I gave birth to this bouncing baby boy @amarisokesi CEO of Baby Amari Clothing Apparel for kids 0-10 years. The Dr brought him to me, and all the pain disappeared, a rush of joy overwhelmed me, I said 'Bathong ke tshotse ngwana yo monte jang. They busted into a thunderous clap of laughter! Happy 5 months’ son!”.

Berry has been sharing her pregnancy and motherhood journey with her fans. She only recently decided to show off her son on social media in, after months of not posting him. In an emotional post on Instagram, the musician penned a sweet post expressing her excitement on the arrival of her bundle of joy. "Yesterday was on those days I slept on the wrong side of the bed and woke up the same, went to the kitchen to make my warm lemon water, when I returned to the bedroom, my son was up, screaming and laughing. My whole negative emotions I woke up with were immediately transformed into happiness. How possible can such a small handsome thing have the power to change my life positively like that? I thank God for you @amarisokesi for always warming me up with smiles and screams every morning even when I feel like my life is falling apart."

Another couple that has been keeping the flames of love burning is The Fergusons. In November the much-loved couple will be celebrating an impressive 20 years of marital bliss. Their marriage is often regarded as one for the books!

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