FBF: These Shows Juju Boy Left Amantle Brown Heartbroken!

This is what happened

By  | Jul 29, 2022, 01:06 PM  | Amantle Brown  | Relationships

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When Amantle Brown entered the music scene and the world of showbiz, she was never open about her love life until motswako artist Juju Boy came into the picture. The two were smitten with each other and did collaborations together. Sometimes Juju Boy the only thing he had to do in Amantle Brown’s songs was to breathe, that’s all.

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The former love birds have a hit song together dubbed ‘follo’. After several attempts to get Juju Boy to get serious about the relationship, unfortunately, it never works out. Do you know what they normally say, the guy always knows when you are the one for them, and therefore they will always act right for the woman they love. Amantle Brown who now calls herself Amarr, hinted in her many songs that all she wanted was a commitment from him. Don’t all women always want commitment?

After their separation, we could no longer see them hand in hand with each other during events. It was clear that the relationship could not materialize into anything serious, however, they remain the best celebrity couple Botswana has ever had. But after the two cut ties, it was evident that Amantle Brown was having a hard time collecting herself. In one of the interviews she did with WeendkLife she said the song that she released ‘Lethabo’ was about a guy who does not want commitment, he does not want kids or marriage.

She further stated that her relationship somehow held her back and she lost track of where she is headed in her career. “When you are always together you start taking less time in focusing on the craft and I started being lazy. I was not as intrigued as before,” she said. 

She also hinted that the song brought some deep emotions and also admitted that the song was motivated by what she and Juju Boy got themselves into. “I just feel I lost my best friend and we were very close. It just happened that it did not go right,” She said.

It was not clear at the time what led to their split but according to her songs, it could possibly be because the dude was not up for something serious, at least not with her. This is because he recently welcomed added a baby with another woman. So after they broke up, Amantle Brown fell into depression and had to find herself again.

“I am a very private person. That is why even when we were dating we were never really out with our dating. We were not on people’s faces. We were always chilled and laid back and minding our own business,” 

“I do not want to lie, I got into some sort of depression. I could not even write a song. When I heard a beat, I did not even have an idea. I just wanted to sleep. You can imagine when you are used to having someone in your life and then they are not there anymore.”

She has never publicly announced any relationship, after Juju Boy or perhaps she is keeping it low.

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