Rak.0 on his new album

Yaanong yo ke mang?

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Rak.0 

Bang! Gae’s Rak.0 dropped his first full length project YAANONG YO KE MANG? a few months ago and it only took a little while for his first single "Nka di latlha" to start rising on the charts.

On naming the album: “I’m basically new to the industry and no one knows me. The only people who know me are Bang! Gae people. So I have a song on the EP called Mollo and the bridge repeats that question - Yaanong yo ke mang? And I figured to just call the album that because people don’t know me. It worked,” he shared.

On his sound: “It’s honestly me trying out trap with a twist. There’s a whole lot of Setswana hooks and flows that incorporate both English and Setswana. It’s me making Botswana look cool, my first attempt, and me learning how to trap in Setswana”.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Rak.0_Fresh