'Stop Going To Church'- Prince Kaybee

The DJ is tired of the ignorance

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Prince Kaybee 

Everybody knows that if anyone is ready for the end of the world, or an Apocolypse - Prince Kaybee would be ready.

The DJ has been urging folks to stay indoors, wash your hands and before COVID-19 was major - he was a huge advocate for keeping safe.

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Yesterday evening, Prince Kaybee noticed that people were still being reckless with their lives when a Pastor called for a gathering of his church members on the streets.

This obviously rubbed the DJ the wrong way and he posted this on his IG:
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He has a point though, there really is no need to put each other in harm's way. We could all use a little bit of faith but the beauty with prayer, is that you could do it from home, right?

Even in a rage about some folks, playing ignorant,  Prince Kaybee still manages to post a couple of jokes in between to lighten up the TL.
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But let's be real, Prince Kaybee would never get the second frame since he has a gym at home but we digress- stay safe people.

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Main Image Credit: twitter.com/princekaybee