Priddy Ugly & Bontle create a joint Insta account

This is what taking your relationship to the next level means

By  | May 20, 2020, 01:28 PM  | Priddy Ugly 

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In the past, getting engaged or moving in together was the thing to do when taking things to the next level when it came to your relationship.

Nowadays, a simple thing as making a joint social media account is also considered as a big step in a relationship and our favourite celebrity couple - Bontle and Priddy have done just that.

The two recently announced that they've just created an account by the alias of @official.rickjade which is a combination of Priddy Ugly's first name (Richado) and Bontle's middle name (Jade-Lee)
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The couple briefly expressed that there is something exciting that will come due to this joint account being created. We absolutely can't wait to see what it is they have for us and their devoted supporters.

Priddy and Bontle are not the only celebrity couple who have recently created joint Instagram accounts. Nasty C and his girlfriend, Sammie also have a joint account which already gained 10, 000 followers within a matter of days.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@PriddyUgly

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