Pearl Thusi Raises Her Voice – Equality And Colorism

Sis won't give up

By  | Jan 20, 2021, 09:41 AM 

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Pearl Thusi is venting her frustration on colorism and equality in society and the entertainment industry. According to an article in the Herald Live, the vocal actress hit back at a Tweet that compared a list of actresses. The now-deleted Tweet sparked a chain of comments that started comparing the skin tones of the actresses listed. She commented on how terrible and disrespectful such commentary is.

Why are only women judged this harshly?

Pearl mentioned that it seems only women are judged to this extent on their skin color. She’d Tweeted, “They never use skin color to discredit men when comparing them. This is so disrespectful. But let me shoot my movie in Thailand ... this is exhausting,” 

Another person countered Pearl by saying that the list had nothing to do with skin color. It was about ranking the actresses on merit. He said, “Kade washo skin has nun to do with anything just pure talent n hard work (which Thuso Mbedu is a beast at a.i not discrediting abanye I just prefer her work).”

Others were not as eloquent. One person literally said, “Women should just understand and come to terms with "it's a man's world" and that won't change.”

Someone else implied that women don’t want gender equality. He said, “Women think they want this, until they're old, unmarried and without a family they dreamt of having.”

Pearl also tweeted that it was unfair that men get away with so much more than women do. She left her fans with something to ponder over. She asked, “If equality meant women remove all expectations (financially) on men... would you still support it? (Assuming wages and job opportunities become equal)”

Pearl isn’t getting any hate, for once

Our Queen Sono isn’t getting any clapback for these series of tweets. It seems that most people agree that there is indeed a color issue in SA society. Whether it’s limited to a particular gender or not is debatable. But it does seem that women are more frequently criticized for their appearance than men are. It’s always good when someone with a platform as big as Pearl’s speaks up about issues like this. 
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