Pearl Thusi Is All Set To Kick Ass

She is gearing up for her new character

By  | Feb 09, 2021, 10:02 AM 

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Actress, model and TV presenter Pearl Thusi is a woman of many talents and she’s been hard at work adding to her repertoire of late. The radio personality recently posted a video of herself on social media packing some pretty heavy dropkicks and punches. But why is she doing extensive martial arts training you may ask? Pearl recently landed a role in Netflix production Wu Assassins and is gearing up to play her new character on the international stage.

She’s had some past disappointments

 Pearl is one of Africa’s leading actresses and had bagged huge roles on Netflix. But the star recently opened up about some past disappointments on Podcast and Chill with MacG. On episode 211 of the show, Pearl opened up about several topics such as depression, relationships, losing her parents and how she got into show business. But a recent frustration was the cancellation of her hit Netflix series Queen Sono. The show was all set up for glory last year, being Netflix’s first African original series. Pearl played the lead character, a South African Spy who wanted to get to the bottom of her mother’s murder. Sadly, the show didn’t last past the first season, despite being green lit for a second, all thanks to Covid-19.

But her past investments are paying off
The thriller actress has made her peace with the demise of Queen Sono and is moving on. In fact, she’s been making the most of things since then. She recently posted on Instagram thanking god and the universe for making things work out. She captioned the post:

“ spent my own money on training for a movie that never happened... 
But God and the universe always have a plan. I’ve been toting guns for almost every project ever since.”

Besides focusing on getting in shape for her new role, the actress has been up to other things this year. She recently took up beef with the government and the ruling party for being silent on matters concerning Gender Based Violence and femicide (GBVF). She tweeted about the establishment of a petition aimed at having the government take steps towards the cause. Peal is known for being a fighter and fighting hard till things get done.

The former Beauty Queen thrives on challenges and works hard to get herself the roles she’s got so far. Judging by the long videos on her Instagram, we know that this lady has an amazing, power-packed character for us to watch on Wu Assassins.

Image Cred: Daily Sun 
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