Pearl Thusi Calls Trolls "Roaches"

She just pulled a Boity on them

By  | Feb 10, 2021, 01:31 PM 

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Whilst Mzansi's favorite golden girl Pearl Thusi is flourishing in Thailand, and has been off Twitter for a few days now, many are still obsessed with her. The TV star's latest outrage rant on Instagram, sees her calling out trolls who are constantly dragging her on the platform and talking about her.

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It seems what sparked Pearl Thusi's rant was Twitter users dragging her for not using her African name as a stage name, which some believe, it carries a strong connection and bond to one's African origin and makes you proud of your originality.

Pearl Thusi slammed Twitter users who said she did not use her original Zulu name as her stage name because she hates it when some mispronounced it and chose her "slave name" in the limelight. The TV star said her African name Xola is very personal to her and only her dad was allowed to use it and her second name Sthe is being used by her friends only.

She said tweeps cannot decide for her what name she must use and asked them what their obsession is with her. Whatโ€™s attention-grabbing about this rant is that Pearl decided to pull a Boity on them by calling them "roaches," Those roaches on Twitter are obsessed with me, F*ck," she tweeted.

She went to say that anyone who is offended by the "Roaches' comment should not force the shoe to fit because she does not know the names of all those who dragged her.

Pearl Thusi will apparently appear in the much-anticipated 2nd season of Netflixโ€™s martial arts series, Wu Assassins. This is according to Phil Mphela who did research and suspects that the star is in Thailand to shoot the project

The star-studded series is shot in Thailand, and that is where Pearl is currently. "Pearl Thusi joins another international series. Thusi is starring in the 2nd a format change to being a two-part movie. Production is currently shooting season of Netflixโ€™s martial arts series, Wu Assassins. 2nd season reportedly has in Thailand," wrote Phil.

Today, the actress remembered her late father in a post on Instagram following his passing last year, "I hope you knew how much I love you... how much I miss you. And even how I forget youโ€™re gone. Itโ€™s almost a year later and I still have to remind myself that youโ€™re no longer here," reads her Instagram post.

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